Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas !

A very sunny day and we went to the beach today . Was like picnic there , lovely :) Few more days and i'm leaving Sydney soon :/ feel bad , time passed . I stayed here apparently 2 months already , not willing to leave , but ofcourse I misses my family a lot , wanna meet them as fast as possible , wanna share all the little thingy that happened here , wanna give them all the presents from me ! Unfortunately that my sisters and brother not here to spend their holidays with me ! Bytheway still Merry Christmas .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Macquarie University College’s library

Macquarie University College’s library is the coolest library that I’ve been to . Today I woke up early and followed Courtnee to the library , she went there to study but I just went with her with my laptop , HAHHA . Laptop ? What I did is I used to watch drama there , but when I reached there and I realized that I forgotten to bring along the plug for my charger ! Opps . Malaysia’s plug is different with Australia’s one , but my uncle took it for me when he’s about to go to work at around 3 o’clock . This library is really big and many books could be able to find here , this building is very new . We had our lunch at Macquarie Shopping Center with Courtnee’s friend . Is nearby the library , just took 10 minutes to walked there . Courtnee brought me Sushi , and you know what . The rice is like frozen , omggggggggg . Unforgettable ! HAHHAHA .

Thursday, December 8, 2011

the very first time with heel :O

Omgggg , i'm so tired . Woke up at 11 perhaps today and straight get ready going out , and we have our brunch (dim sum) at city . I'm so proud of myself that I wore high heel first time and walked almost 10 hours , is very tired to wear high heel to shopping , but quite enjoy ! :D HAHAHH . My cousins took me to Sydney's Aquarium today , and I was like speechless ! Their Aquarium is very big and is so cool . Fishes and sharks !

Skyp-ing !
I'm skyping with my friend Zi Hao , he's hiding in a room and hugging his little pillow just like a little rat ! :D oppps . And today he's like dreaming at there , he said he's angel but I think he's a devil better ! HAHAHHA , just kidding .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Summer or Winter ? LOL

Summer ? Hahaha . Even is summer but i'm still wearing jackets and jean . My cousin is like wearing a dress today , she don't even feel cold . Today her class ended very early so she decided to bring me out . His dad dropped me at her school at around 2 o'clock , when I walked in to her school , I almost faint ! Because this kind of school is too high class , their classrooms , canteen and even toilet is so nice and clean ! WTH . Apparently doesn't look like school at all ! HAHAHAH . She took me to Chatswood by train , after that we went to Eastwood's Karaoke . Omggg , their Karaoke's room have disco lights , awesome !

Everytime when I washed my face is like very dry and I doesn't feel like wanna touch my face anymore , even now I have to apply cream or lotion , at Malaysia I don't even have to do that . LOL . Tomorrow is the last day of my cousin going to school , I was like crazy about it , waiting her to hang out with me everydayssss . :D Bytheway , what I wanna say is CAN I STAY HERE FOREVER ! :D ahahha

Monday, December 5, 2011

Waiting for Christmas .

My last posted was on August 31 , I have disappear in the past three months . Maybe I was too lazy to write a blog . Anywhere , i'm back now (:

Is 12:00p.m in Aussie now , and i'm feeling cold here . I've spend one month in Sydney . This place is awesome and have fun , I lived in my cousin's house , everythings here is just wonderful , places , foods and even peoples who lived here . They're so friendly then you can imagine . But I misses my family , my sisters and brother in Ipoh . Just now I chatted with my eldest sister , she was so damn happy cos 2 more days to go and she's going to finish her SPM examination . But one more thing that she's worrying is about the NS , unexpected that she has selected to go . I told her not be afraid , friend of mine had told me NS will be having a lot of fun . Bytheway , back to my Aussie life . :) This year i'm spending my whole Christmas in Sydney , and I'm so excited ! Everyone started to decorate their houses , Christmas trees and lights everywhere .

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Destination 5 .

I am tired ! Last night I slept at 4a.m. and woke up at 9o'clock . Cousins sleep over my house last night , we watched movies until 4o'clock . And when I woke up , I started to get ready to go to Qiao Yi's house , the first thing that she showed me is my new Ultraman :) Awwwwwww , I loved it . Smaller then mine but It's cute :) Thankiewww ! Her mom fetched us to Jusco , I bought three tickets of the movie Final Destination 5 3D . At first I really didn't realize this is above 18 years old , and the guy didn't ask for my IC too . So , we just go in . While getting the spec , the two guys there one of them suddenly asked me :"awak umur berapa?" We get shocked , and staring at him . I answered him : 17 . He told me cannot go in , but I told him :"huh ? Tapi saya sudah bayar" . Another man just said :"Tak apa lah , tiga orang sahaja" . Fortunately ! :D
Most of us was laughing while watching and not screaming -.- Lol .

Hippo <3
This is the big one , but I don't own this .

sheismygirl :)

De Garden .

Monday, August 29, 2011

you're a great friend :)

, I'm totally back to my bloggieeeeeeeeeee :) Since how long I haven't been uploading my blog . Yesterday went to Parade with my beloved Qiao Yi and also Pixie . Pixie , is a girl from Poi Lam . We know each other at the day of her school's canteen day . She is a pretty girl , and having a long awesome hair . Omg , it makes me so jealous >< We went to watch movie yesterday , a funny movie . We LAUGH-OUT-LOUD ! Normally every Sunday my family and I will be having breakfast outside , but yesterday mom woke up very early , so she went to buy breakfast for us . After we've eaten our breakfast , dad asked me not to go . He said we will be having steamboat at night with our cousins at Meru Valley , is far to go to Jusco to fetch me . After that , we changed places , we went to Parade . When I reached , Zi Hao called me , and asked me where am I . He asked whether can he join us or not , because is only one of his friend followed him . But Pixie scared his parents will find out , so I just message him tell him later . When three of us finished watching the movie , he text me and came over to find me . Walked with him and his friend , we went to Kopitiam . Had fun . But I can't imagine that his friend said both of us is matched . WTH ? Lol -.- Please don't misunderstanding ! Sorry for being cruel . We are friend , I appreciated the friendship that we are having . Just now Qiao Yi sent me a message about telling me that she had brought me a present from Peneng , SHE TOLD ME IT IS A ULTRAMAN ! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG , I'M VERY EXCITED ! Thanks you <3